You may have seen Mr. Rogers on CNN where he was a regular national security contributor. He was also the executive producer of the hit show Declassified which took viewers behind the scenes of America’s law enforcement and intelligence professionals.

CNN (Subject matter expert contributor)

In the CNN hit show Declassified Mr. Rogers—an executive producer and host—took viewers behind the scenes of America’s covert intelligence and law enforcement operations, as told by the officers and agents who were there.

CNN Declassified


Mr. Rogers is a sought-after speaker addressing a diversity of topics from national security and intelligence, to business and global competitiveness. Some examples of recent presentations and discussions are listed below.

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Speaking Topics

The Hard Truth about Hard Security Problems

Today’s security challenges are cross-cutting in ways never before seen. With China’s rise, technology’s rapid spread and exponential growth, and our government’s seeming inability to keep up, our country is facing some truly hard problems. Chairman Rogers breaks down these challenges, challenges like 5G communications, explaining what they mean, how they will affect Americans’ daily lives, and what it takes to get these challenges right. These are truly hard problems, but not problems that Americans can’t grasp and overcome.

You Friend & Spy in the Living Room

With Alexas and Siris in nearly every home, the growth of the Internet of Things, and the fact that nearly everything is connected to the web and nearly everyone shares everything online, the threat posed by both states (like China) and cyber criminals has never before been greater than it is today. While we all enjoy the benefits of this connected society, most don’t appreciate the unique risks that exist today and are going to emerge in the future. Autonomous vehicles, implantable medical devices, the Internet of Things, and other technological advancements will change the way we live our lives. As one of the leading experts on the nexus between cybersecurity, technology, and policy, Mike Rogers shares his incomparable perspective on how our world is changing and how technology, cybersecurity, and the digital economy must come together to build a prosperous and secure future.

Global Security, Local Problems

“Think global, act local” is a common mantra that is equally applicable to national security. How so? Mike Rogers discusses the rapid changes of technology, the emergence of new (and old) national security problems, and how the nexus of technology and security will change the way we look at and interact with the world. From Russian information operations in Europe and abroad to China’s expansionist foreign policy, from ISIS and al-Qaida to conflict in cyberspace and outer space, and economic development and innovation, challenges that seem far away have an impact here at home. Rogers will cover the issues from the lighter side to the sobering reality we now face, and chart a way forward.

A Conversation with Mike Rogers

With over 30 years’ experience in the public sector, Mike Rogers brings unique insights into how things work—and don’t work—in Washington. From his time in the U.S. Army and the FBI, to starting as a freshman representative through his chairmanship of the powerful House Intelligence Committee, Rogers has seen it all, interacting with world leaders, intelligence officials, military officers, CEOs, presidents, and everyone in between. Today, he is at the forefront of technological innovation and cybersecurity, working with boards and C-suite executives to craft policies and investments to ensure the protection of company assets and profitability in turbulent markets.