The Daily Caller Op-Ed: Biden Is Isolating America On The Global Stage. We Need Serious Foreign Policy, Now.


Leadership matters at home, but especially abroad. Right now, we are witnessing what happens when American leadership is not just missing, but wholly in doubt by our allies and adversaries alike. At nearly every turn, President Joe Biden’s foreign policy decisions have eroded our credibility on the international stage, undermined our global leadership, and created […]


Washington Times Op-Ed: China is coming for our elections


China is proving to be the biggest threat to American families and businesses, and they thrive when we are destroying ourselves from within. They like it when we tear each other down, undermine our own confidence, and paralyze our sense of national pride. They like it because we are doing their job for them; allowing […]


The Hill Op-Ed: It’s the worst possible time to revive the Iran nuclear deal


The Biden administration’s push to reach a new nuclear agreement with Iran is completely out of step with not only our own interests in the Middle East but also regional developments that are bypassing Washington. The White House risks eroding our already tenuous position in the region and undermining our credibility with regional allies. Rather than pursuing […]


The Hill Op-Ed: The US needs a plan for space operations and national security


The role of commercial space in the wake of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is nothing short of astonishing. From near constant surveillance from multi-spectral satellites appearing on the news on a regular basis to the use of commercial satellites to augment military operations, this war illustrated just how much of an impact space can have on a […]


Financial Times Op-Ed: We need a Bretton Woods for the digital age


We need a Bretton Woods for the digital age Friendly democracies risk ceding global economic governance to an authoritarian China if they do not agree new rules The writer is a former member of the US Congress and was chair of the House permanent select committee on intelligence, 2011-15 In 1944 allied nations came together […]


Hill Op-Ed: While focusing on Ukraine, we cannot ignore China’s Pacific ambitions


While Washington and Europe are focused on Ukraine, China is advancing its strategic position in the Indo-Pacific, signing an agreement with the Solomon Islands and militarizing several islands in the South China Sea. This is absolutely a big deal, and one that sees Beijing taking a page from Japan’s playbook in the Second World War to dominate Asia […]