Hill Op-Ed: While focusing on Ukraine, we cannot ignore China’s Pacific ambitions


While Washington and Europe are focused on Ukraine, China is advancing its strategic position in the Indo-Pacific, signing an agreement with the Solomon Islands and militarizing several islands in the South China Sea. This is absolutely a big deal, and one that sees Beijing taking a page from Japan’s playbook in the Second World War to dominate Asia […]


Hill Op-Ed: For the sake of our national security, Congress must end its budget battles


On Tuesday, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence issued its Annual Worldwide Threats report. If you weren’t already unsettled by the state of the world, reading this sobering report will certainly leave you concerned. From Russia to China, health security to transnational threats like drugs and terrorism, and more, the ODNI report shows just how […]


Breaking Defense Op-Ed: China is watching Ukraine closely, the US should watch China


With the attention of the world on Ukraine, China has an opportunity to see how the globe reacts to a major power forcefully invading land it has long coveted. In this op-ed, former House intelligence committee chairman Mike Rogers warns about the lessons China might be learning to one day apply to Taiwan, and what […]


Forbes: What Business Executives Can Learn From Putin’s Many Leadership Failures


Mike Rogers, chairman of the board for Mitre Corporation, is a former member of Congress and a past chairman of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence. He pointed out that, “Putin mistook tactical success for strategic success. Occupying Georgia and facing no real consequences allowed him to believe he could do more in the name of […]


The Detroit News Op-Ed: Russian cyber war could disrupt our lives; here’s how we fight


Russian cyber war could disrupt our lives; here’s how we fight While the world watches Russia rocket civilians, bomb city squares and attempt to crush Ukraine’s democracy, an invisible war is waged online — the cyber war. Much has been made about Russia’s cyber capabilities, and for good reason. It is an area where Moscow […]


Hill Op-Ed: Russia’s Ukraine gambit is an opportunity to steel US resolve


After amassing more than 100,000 troops near the border with Ukraine, Russian strongman President Vladimir Putin revealed the breadth of his ambition in an unusual list of demands. Not only must the NATO alliance shut its “open door” policy on Ukraine and guarantee to halt all future enlargement, but it must also withdraw all troops and weapons […]