The Detroit News Op-Ed: Russian cyber war could disrupt our lives; here’s how we fight


Russian cyber war could disrupt our lives; here’s how we fight While the world watches Russia rocket civilians, bomb city squares and attempt to crush Ukraine’s democracy, an invisible war is waged online — the cyber war. Much has been made about Russia’s cyber capabilities, and for good reason. It is an area where Moscow […]


Hill Op-Ed: Russia’s Ukraine gambit is an opportunity to steel US resolve


After amassing more than 100,000 troops near the border with Ukraine, Russian strongman President Vladimir Putin revealed the breadth of his ambition in an unusual list of demands. Not only must the NATO alliance shut its “open door” policy on Ukraine and guarantee to halt all future enlargement, but it must also withdraw all troops and weapons […]


Space News Op-Ed: Space race with China is not just a military competition


If we are to compete with China in space then Congress must be unified and bipartisan in giving direction, guidance and support Military space isn’t the only domain where China is catching up, if not passing us by. While we are having discussions about the future of the International Space Station, China launched, deployed and […]


Hill Op-Ed: Russia and China’s private internets are the ideal forts for cyberattacks


We are becoming more cyber vulnerable while Russia and China move to focus on offense and protect their own infrastructure. Lost amid all the focus on China’s “Great Firewall” and Beijing’s efforts to censor what its citizens can see and say and secure its networks from attacks, is the fact that Russia is attempting to do […]


Op-Ed: C-Band 5G, the FAA, and the Chinese Threat


America’s economic and technological future will be based in large part on the availability of high-speed internet, and the spectrum needed to run it. Unfortunately, China may be poised to make important gains over the United States if federal regulators take steps that slow down the deployment of our nation’s 5G networks.


The FAA must resolve its halt to the 5G rollout


Yesterday, I joined several leading national security experts in signing a letter to Mr. Brian Deese, the Director of the National Economic Council, calling for the resolution of the Federal Aviation Administration’s erroneous decision to stop the rollout of 5G technology. Multiple studies have shown that 5G networks will not undermine aviation safety. In fact, […]