Mike Rogers on The Burn Bag Podcast


In this episode, we talked with former Congressman Mike Rogers about data privacy, TikTok, the race for 5G supremacy, and the need for American innovation. We also discuss the relationship between Congress and the IC, the PATRIOT Act, and Congressional authority for warfare.


No, Edward Snowden does not deserve a pardon, President Trump – Washington Post


As if 2020 weren’t strange enough already, President Trump is considering pardoning Edward Snowden for stealing and leaking highly classified Central Intelligence Agency and National Security Agency documents in 2013. But the only way Snowden should return to the United States is to face prosecution for his actions.


Funding the removal of Huawei in our networks is smart investment – The Hill


The United Kingdom announced the ban last month on the purchase of Huawei equipment starting at the end of the year. But more so than that, all Huawei equipment installed in the United Kingdom must be removed by 2027. This development is big news in the battle against the efforts of China to dominate the […]